My elbow and forearm hurt when I type? How do I stop the pain!  

Physical Therapy is the Answer!


Tight forearm muscles on the top and bottom of the arm can cause significant pain. People use laptops and desktop computers more than ever before. Typing is repetitive overuse stress of the fingers, wrist and forearms.

Since the pandemic, remote learning and working have caused a dramatic increase in the number of people experiencing forearm and elbow pain.


Seeing your Physical Therapist is the first step to addressing the pain and correcting the problem before it worsens. The second step is RICE, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elimination from typing for a brief time.

Knowledgeable physical therapists at National Physical Therapy in Hanover, Holbrook, Brockton, Stoughton and Fall River, MA, are trained to treat this problem. Providers will assess the pain, decreased AROM, limited flexibility, and weakness that affect the ability to perform your tasks on the computer.


Our PTs are well versed in current workstation functionalities. Modifications and recommendations by National Physical Therapy can eliminate  stress on your fingers, wrist, forearms and elbows when typing.

Just like a good pair of sneakers are vital to running a marathon, the proper ergonomic setup of your workstation is just as important to people who type 8-12 hours at home.


The physical therapist at National Physical Therapy in Hanover, MA, will use modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, dry needling, stretching, strengthening, heat and cold therapies, soft tissue techniques to restore your optimal level of function.

Are you experiencing typing pain? Call National Physical Therapy today to get started before it gets worse.

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