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Occupational Therapy
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Visiting Rehab Services

What Is Visiting Rehab Services?
Visiting Rehab Services, is a therapist owned and operated outpatient private practice providing rehabilitation services in the home setting-whether that setting is a home, group home, or assisted living. Visiting Rehab Services, is one of the first companies in Massachusetts to deliver these services to the older population in their home under Medicare Part B, a model that permits providing the necessary frequency and duration of care as indicated by need.

Helping Clients Build Skills for Independent Living
At Visiting Rehab Services we work with adults who, due to disabilities or complex medical conditions, need assistance in developing the kinds of everyday skills that allow them to function more independently in their home setting.

Our skilled, highly qualified Physical and Occupational Therapists are experienced in working with adults with a variety of neurological and orthopedic conditions.

Through a variety of exercises and routines, and with a large meausre of caring and compassion, we help clients build cognitive and motor skills along with confidence and a greater sense of independence.