National Physical Therapy will now be offering Telehealth to accommodate new patients and current patients during the Coronavirus outbreak All copays and deductibles have been waived by the national state of emergency and Governor Baker's state order.

Take advantage of these services covered by your health insurance without authorization to help you during these tough times. Read below to find out how Telehealth works.

What is Telehealth?
Telehealth is the distribution of health services through electronic information and technologies. In other words, it is a video conference about your condition. Our clinic is proud to offer telehealth physical therapy services to our patients. This service allows us to provide consultations, assessment, follow-ups and coaching to our patients in remote settings. Telehealth services may be most useful for those who have physical conditions and would like to explore the potential benefits of physical therapy. A telehealth appointment can easily be scheduled allowing one of our licensed physical therapists to assess your condition and give you feedback on the best approach to recovery. Our telehealth services also allow us to provide value-added care to patients receiving physical therapy in our clinic. On the occasion that you cannot attend for reasons of travel, sickness or work, a telehealth visit can be scheduled to allow our physical therapist to provide coaching and guidance in a setting that is convenient for you.

How Does it Work?
Receiving a telehealth consultation is very similar to a video conference. If you have ever used skype on a computer or face time on your phone, telehealth will feel very familiar. The only equipment you will need is a smart phone, laptop or computer with a camera and internet service. Once you schedule the telehealth consultation, you will receive a link that allows you access to join the visit at the scheduled time.

The addition of telehealth services is one component of our comprehensive program designed to provide the highest quality of physical therapy to our community in the most convenient manner.

Click below to see a video on how easy it is to set up: